Saturday, 16 January 2010

Haapsalu sall Silvia / Queen Silvia Haapsalu shawl


Ehtne Haapsalu sall on valmistatud eraldi kootud keskosast ja eraldi kahes osas kootud äärepitsidest mis hiljem külge õmmeldakse.Salli venitamine ilma raamita on üks rist ja viletsus!
Mõõtmed on väga mõnusad : 80x190cm
Valmistatud on ta väga kvaliteetsest Smyrna Platinum peenvillasest lõngast milles on peale villa ka 20% alpakat!
See sall leidis juba uue armastava kodu .

Real Haapsalu Shawl Silvia!

My second lace shawl in traditional Haapsalu Shawl style. It means separately knitted midsection and separately knitted and handsewn lace rounding. Made from quality yarn Smyrna Platinum 80 %wool, 20 % alpaka !

Measurements are queenlike: 80x190cm
Weight : little over 100g
Passes even the”wedding ring test”-Haapsalu shawl ought to be so thin and lacy to come through wedding ring :)
Goes to my dear friend !


  1. Such beautiful shawls. I so enjoyed admiring them and looking at all the pictures. I will be in Estonia for a few weeks soon, beginning being in Tallin June 4. Are you located anywhere near?
    Love the beautiful work and artistry of your shawls!

  2. very very !!!!beautiful and beautiful kind of art!