Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Kudukotike / WIP project bag

Kudumise ja heegeldamisega on mul nagu on...aga õmblemises on mul kehvemini.Inglise keeles on hea väljend-"I´m all thumbs" ...Täna tõi postipoiss mulle paki mu uue kudukotiga....ja ma ei saa muiet näolt:D No need tegelased on nii koomilised et vägisi kisub suunurga üles.

Sisse mahub lahedasti sall ja suurem lõngakera ja kuna tegu on korrektse töö ja topelt kotiga siis vardaga ka ei tohiks läbi koti tsurkida saada:)

 Veel vahvaid kangaid ja tegumoode leiab Blue Tulips poest !

 I am friends with knitting and crocheting but what comes to sewing....there is great saying "I´m all thumbs"-that´s me in sewing things!

So today Mr Postman came and brought me this perfect WIP project bag...and I can´t stop smiling since:D...those sheep faces...priceless!
I can carry my shawl and larger skein of yarn with me,without worrying needles to stick out. This bag is very accurately made and more of them you can find at Blue Tulips shop !


  1. Nice and make me happy with all those sheeps looking at.

  2. I agree,this is really cute print:D And my face has been one big smile looking at it..

  3. Vahvad lambad koti peal:)

  4. Tõepoolest väga vahvad tegelased! Loodetavasti mahub kotti hästi palju:)

  5. What an adorable bag! You're right, the sheep are priceless.

  6. I saw your work on etsy, it looks great.
    Congratulations you're fantastic.